We expect our employees to be treated with respect. If they are not we will leave immediately
We have TERMS of SERVICE and NO touch policy that must be adhered to or services will be terminated immediately,
without a refund
NO physical contact
NO pictures or videos may be taken at anytime
We check the ID at the appointment and review the terms and the job
For any questions feel free to call or email at anytime  
We will try to get back to you ASAP

Do you give discounts for repeat work?
Yes, definitely and the more your use our services the best the rate.
Do you give out my personal information?
No, absolutely not although we do not but we require to see id at the time of appointment.
A signature on our receipt is required before
starting any work.
How do I find out about specials?  Can I make any special requests?
Feel free to drop us a line
Yes, just let us know what we can do for you within reason
What hours are you usually open?
Usually business hours but feel free to contact us


What do you usually charge?
We charge a flat rate and it’s based upon services, square footage, etc.
Call or email for more rates / details
We usually ask for two to three hours of our service
Where are you located?
In south jersey but we cover a large radius
Do you supply cleaning materials?
No the customer is expected to provide this but we can buy the cleaning materials
but it will be an extra charge
   We will review everything with you over the phone a head of time

Examples Of Our Services:
Cleaning kitchen floors, Oven counter tops,
Bathroom sinks,  Carpet cleaning, exterior cleaning,
private events or parties
   Contact us directly for more details
We expect you to make a list ahead of time